Center415 AES NYC

Center415 offers 32,000 square feet of open event space in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. In the past, we have held conferences for Microsoft, Mobile Marketing Association, DSW, Time 100, and many other leading companies and organizations. Read through this article to see why Center415 is the perfect venue for your next conference.

Center415 Location

  • Center415 is accessible from anywhere in the city. The space is a short walk from Times Square, Herald Square, Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, and many area hotels for attendees traveling from out of town.

Facade Vinyl IDcon Conde Nast Center415

Center415 on 5th Ave –  IDCon (prod. by Conde Nast)

Lobby + Entrance Gallery

  • The 2,400 square foot entrance gallery is great for registration and coat check. With so much space, you can have registration before the glass partition…

Atlantic Power of Purpose Registration Center415 AES NYC Event Space

The Atlantic Power of Purpose Summit (Read more about this event by clicking here)

NBC Universal Cocktail Party Upfront Center415 AES NYC Hudson Gray

NBC Universal Cocktail Party (photo courtesy of event producers Hudson Gray; Read more about this event by clicking here )

Amazon Holiday Preview Shiraz Creative Center415 AES NYC Product Launch

Amazon Holiday Preview (prod. by Shiraz Creative ; Read more about this event by clicking here)

  • …or after!

Univision Upfront Center415 AES NYC First Agency

Univision Upfront (prod. by First Agency)

theCURVYcon Center415 AES NYC LeadDog CSM curvy con

theCURVYcon (prod. by CSM LeadDog; Read more about this event by clicking here)

Zendesk Center415 AES NYC

Zendesk (photo courtesy of Kait Miller Photography; Event Agency: Wild Sky Events)

Exhibition Hall North

  • The 13,400 square foot Exhibition Hall North can hold about 600 attendees seated. (It can also hold an additional 100 standing).

Time100 Summit Center415 AES NYC BMF

Inaugural Time 100 Summit  (prod. by BMF; Read more about this event by clicking here)

Cosmopolitan Conference AES NYC Center415

Cosmopolitan Event

  • With our in-house vendor Sound Investment AV, the columns of the North Exhibition Hall provide endless AV opportunities.

DSW Investor Conference Center415 AESNYC

DSW  Investor Meeting (Read more about this event by clicking here)

Univision Upfront Center415 LED Screen Sound Investment BizBash

Univision Upfront at Center415 ( photo courtesy of BizBash)

  • You can also use columns to divide up the room.

BMC Exchange Conference Center415 AES NYC

BMC Exchange Conference 

Opportunities for Breakout Rooms

  • Use the many rooms of the venue to create offices, breakouts, lounge areas, food stations and more.

Dell Center415 PinkSparrow AES NYC

Offices – North Exhibit (Dell event; fabricated by Pink Sparrow) 

MMA Innovate mobile Marketing Association Center415 AES NYC Waze Lounge

Lounge Area – Second Floor Lobby (MMA Innovate event)

BMC Exchange Conference Room AES NYC Center415 AFR

Conference Area – South Exhibit (BMC Exchange event; furniture rentals by AFR)

MMA Innovate Breakout AES NYC Center415

Breakout Session with Stage – Exhibition Hall South (MMA Innovate event)

First Class Catering Options

  • Our preferred caterers can craft the perfect cuisine for your attendees. You can view our diverse list of select caterers by clicking here.

Pinch Food Design 23Layers GroupM Center415 AES NYC

Pinch Food Design – Coffee Wall at GroupM Event (prod. by 23Layers)

Scoozi Events MMA Innovate Center415 AES NYC

Scoozi Events – MMA Innovate event

Microsoft Education Event Center415 AES NYC Creative Edge Catering

Creative Edge – Microsoft Education Event (Read more about this event by clicking here)

NBCU Sonnier & Castle Center415 AES NYC Hudson Gray

Sonnier & Castle – NBC Universal Event

Endless Branding Opportunities

  • Center415 is also ripe with branding opportunities. Work with our graphics team, Atlas Print Solutions, to put vinyl on everything from walls…

Altice 23Layers AES NYC Center415

Altice Event (prod. By 23 Layers)

  • To stairs…

Cosmopolitan Event Center415 AES NYC

Cosmopolitan Event

  • To columns…

Microsoft Education Event Center415 AES NYC

Microsoft Education Event

  • To the elevator…

Univision Elevator Center415 AES NYC

Univision 2019 Upfront (prod. by First Agency)

  • …And even the facade of the building (including 9 window boxes/light boxes)!

Millennial 2020 FUTR Center415 AES NYC

Branded windows – Millennial 2020 Summit (Read more about this event by clicking here)

Yahoo Mail Center415 AES NYC

Yahoo Mail Event (prod. By Oath; Read more about this event by clicking here)

Planned Parenthood Spring Into Action Gala AES NYC Center415

Planned Parenthood Spring Into Action Gala (Read more about this event by clicking here)


If you would like more information about Center415, please visit the Center415 page. To see more examples of conferences at Center415, please visit our Venues In Action page.

Interested in booking Center415 for your next event? Get in touch with the AES NYC team by clicking here.