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We offer Retail Pop-Up Event Spaces, Traditional Venues and beyond at our locations! We work with your vision and budget to find the perfect space and location to fit your needs.

What is Venue Seek?

Venue Seek is a location sourcing service that AES NYC offers to help connect event-based clients with one-of-a-kind event spaces in New York city.

When our established venues (Center415, Iron23, 21Greene) don’t fit the needs of a client, our Venue Seek team steps in to find them their perfect venue match.

Let AES NYC find the venue fit for your next occasion! Reach out to our sales team today.

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How does Venue Seek work?

Our Venue Seek process is very simple:

  • A client delivers us their event specifications (Event date, square footage needed, desired neighborhood, etc.)
  • Our Venue Seek team presents a list of viable venue options to the client
  • We organize any desired site visits of these venues
  • Once a venue decision has been made, our Venue Seek team works to negotiate and generate the contract
  • When the contract has been signed, Venue Seek helps to facilitate any needed preparations of the venue so that it is ready for the client’s load in. This could include painting, cleaning, installing HVAC if needed, etc.
  • Our Venue Seek team also helps the client to connect with any needed vendors (Security, catering, AV, etc.)
  • As far as the actual event goes, it is up to the client how involved they would like AES NYC to be. We can venue manage the event or we can let the client handle things on their own.

What are the benefits of using Venue Seek?

Our Venue Seek team specializes in finding unique spaces that satisfy the needs of our clients. We have an established network of real estate contacts that has allowed us to build up an extensive database full of distinctive event spaces. Most of the spaces we work with are either unavailable to the general public, not listed online, or generally not derived from your common Google-search. Working with our Venue Seek team gives you the ability to use these one-of-a-kind NYC event venues that you may not be able to have access to otherwise.

What is the difference between a retail pop-up and a traditional venue?

There are a few key differences between a retail pop-up venue and a traditional venue.

A Retail Pop-Up Space is usually only available to book a few months out. This is because it is not a typical event venue – It is retail space that allows for short-term rentals. Retail pop-up space does not usually come with venue staff, furniture, cleaning, security, etc. However, this can all be sourced through AES NYC if desired.

A Traditional Venue operates as its own entity. They can be booked much farther out in advance and they do typically come with their own staff, vendor requirements, rules, etc.

How far in advance can I book a retail pop-up space compared to a traditional venue with Venue Seek?

Our retail pop-up spaces can only be booked 90 days in advance. Our traditional spaces can be booked out much father in advance, depending on their individual calendar.

Does Venue Seek manage my event?

It’s up to you! AES NYC can be as involved as you’d like. We can provide on-site venue management as well as other event specific needs like Wi-Fi, garbage, and cleaning. Otherwise, we can let you handle things on your own if that is what you’d prefer.

What details do you need from me to get started?

Tell us the following information about your event:

  • Event dates
  • Square footage needed
  • Guest count
  • Which borough and/or neighborhood
  • Rental budget
  • Deal breakers

Are we required to work with specific vendors?

Some of our traditional spaces may require you to work with specific vendors or will recommend certain vendors to you. AES NYC will be sure to inform you of any vendors that a suggested venue may require. If you have a preferred vendor you would like to use, please let us know.

What boroughs does Venue Seek cover?

We have event spaces in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Does Venue Seek source hotel rooms?

We are happy to recommend hotels that are in close proximity to your chosen venue, but we do not actively source hotel rooms for inquiries.

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Happily, AES NYC has always paid us on a timely basis, and provided supporting documentation. In every way, we have been exceptionally satisfied with Absolute’s performance of its management responsibilities. We recommend Absolute to any landlord of desirable space with potential as a venue location, seeking a responsible, dependable, and professional event management company. We also want to also mention that Absolute’s team of competent professionals, are gracious, responsible and competent, and allow us to relax, knowing that our venue is being accorded the best possible care and attention to detail. From all accounts, clients have truly enjoyed our venue, and we attribute much of that satisfaction to the manner in which
- Frank Cesario
Principal, Location05
Working with the entire AESNYC team is always a pleasure. They operate and source first class, top-notch venues, and support their clients at every step along the way. As an experiential producer, I know I'm in good hands with AESNYC and I feel confident that I can always trust them to handle my events with the utmost professionalism, care and respect. If you're looking for a venue for your next event or function, I would not hesitate to recommend AESNYC!
- Dan Rosenthal
Event Producer
Great experience working with Dan, Jay and the team at AES. They were very easy to work with prior to our project and always attentive and responsive during the week of our event. Happy to recommend them and offer our support as a great source for finding great Venues in NYC. THANKS!
- John Heron
Executive Director, Fashion Footwear Association of New York
This company is hands-down one of the best in NYC. As an event producer, I have worked with many people in the event industry, and the people here really know what they are doing and are such a pleasure to work with. I even ended up using them for my engagement party and couldn't have been happier. They have been around for a while, and so they not only have a ton of experience but also know everyone in the industry. I know I am in good hands whenever I work with AES - thank you!!
- Carly A.



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