Our AES NYC event spaces provide a perfect opportunity for event designers to think outside of the box and let their creativity flourish. However, if you want to make the most of your event, it is important not to leave any area unnoticed. Here are some tips on the best ways to decorate an AES NYC space:

#1 – First Impressions Are Everything


Event: Hugo Boss Menswear Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Show at Center415  (Produced by CSGlobal)

Graphics/Vinyls: Atlas Print Solutions


Event: CurvyCon 2018 at Center415 (Produced by LeadDog Marketing)

Graphics: Atlas Print Solutions

AV: Sound Investment AV

 Decorating the façade and lobby/entryway of your space is the perfect way to “wow” your attendees right off the bat. Consider adding some additional lighting, branded vinyls, or scenic pieces to add depth to your space.

#2 – Split Up The Space With Breakout Areas

Event: Diet Coke at Ramscale

Providing a wide array of small breakout areas can go a long way in transforming any venue. Whether it be additional lounge areas, conference rooms, bar areas, or “secret” performance spaces, the possibilities are endless!

#3 – Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Event: Krazy Glue’s “Man vs. Glue” at Center415 (Produced by Allied Experiential)

Lighting/Staging: Sound Investment AV

Event: GroupM 2018 Holiday Party at Center415 (Produced by 23 Layers)

Lighting: Sound Investment AV

Lighting can be extremely effective in setting a mood, dividing up the space, or sprucing up an otherwise drab area of the venue. You can also utilize lighting to promote your brand (see the “Krazy Glue” photo above).

#4 – Go Green!

Event: Sophia Webster at 13 Gramercy


Event: Sports Illustrated at Center415

Plants, florals, and other greenery creates a natural aesthetic in your space. Tiny details, such as wrapping a metal railing with vines, or placing a large floral in the corner of a room, can set a relaxing tone for your event.

#5 – Reduce Headroom By Decorating The Ceiling

Event: IIDA Color Invasion 2018 at Center415

Chandelier: Patina Rentals

Drapes: Drape Kings

Make your event look pristine from top to bottom by decorating the ceiling! Ceiling fixtures, such as this chandelier previously used at Center415 (pictured), are always a popular option. Hanging drapes from the ceiling can also give your event a more elegant feeling.

#6 – Decorate The Floors


Event: Kiehl’s at Center415

Adding in a colorful carpet or vinyl to the floor will complement your aesthetic and add depth to your space.

#7 – Decorate Bare Walls

Event: Victoria’s Secret at Ramscale

Wall Vinyl: Atlas Print Solutions


Event: Wedding at Ramscale (Produced by Dominique Bell Events)

Transform your space by using vinyl on any bare walls. You can cover up the entire wall, or just put up a small decal. Decorating bare walls makes your space appear less empty.

#8 – Use Scenic Pieces

Event: Yankee Candle at Ramscale


Event: IT Cosmetics at Center415

Utilizing a relevant scenic piece can go a long way in bringing a room together and setting the tone for any event. Scenic pieces can also be effective in creating an Instagram-worthy photo opp for your guests.

#9 – Make Use of TVs and LED Screens

Event: Microsoft at Center415

Lighting/AV: Sound Investment AV

Event: Google at M Studio

TVs and LED screens can serve many practical purposes. If you are hosting a conference, for instance, carefully-placed TVs or LED screens can improve your attendees view of any presentations. TVs and LEDs can also be used as a backdrop, or for a branding opportunity.

#10 – Go The Extra Mile

Event: MMA Innovate at Center415 (Produced by Mobile Marketing Association)


Event: Devil’s Tear at M Studio

Add in as many small details and finishing touches to take you event to the next level. Something as simple as adding vinyl to the front of a check-in desk or bar, or adding a non-cheesy motivational poster as a décor accent, can make the space appear more extravagant.

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