Pictured: Amazon Holiday Preview at Center415 (produced by Shiraz Creative)

It goes without saying that social media and event marketing often go hand-in-hand. However, finding creative ways to incorporate social media into your events can be challenging.

Here are some examples we’ve seen at AES NYC on how to best use your event space to get the most out of social media and create an organic online buzz around your event.

Create Scenic Pieces To Facilitate “Social Media Moments”

Pictured: Kiss at Ramscale

Facilitate an organic circumstance with a unique photo opportunity that is both exclusive to your event and specific to your brand. Collaborate with a reputable scenic vendor to curate the perfect social media moment that your audience can’t resist.

#Hashtag, #Hashtag, #Hashtag

Pictured: MMA Innovate at Center415

Lighting/AV: Sound Investment AV

Posting a vinyl wall decal of your hashtag on an otherwise blank wall space, staircase, or large column will promote your social media presence while also decorating the venue.

Encourage Attendees To Post By Incentivizing Social Media Activity

Pictured: SoFi At Ramscale

For instance, delegating LED screens or lighting projectors to display a stream of tweets including your designated hashtag can bring exposure to your event and the attendees that chose to interact with your social media campaign.

Provide your attendees with free internet access

Pictured: Webby Awards Event at Ramscale

A bad internet connection can really put a damper on your event.

Link up with a reliable internet provider such as GTT to ensure that your network will sustain the number of attendees at your event.


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