The AES NYC team is committed to the health and safety of anyone entering our venues. As a company, we strive to provide our best quality of services and now the utmost duty of care. 

​​As of March 7, 2022, New York City has discontinued its indoor mask and its “Key to NYC” proof of vaccination requirements for individual businesses. Any clients of AES NYC may still choose to continue masking, testing, and/or requiring proof of vaccination at our venues. The AES NYC team recognizes that Covid-19 and its corresponding health policies are in flux. We will continue to comply with any additional guidance and will update this page accordingly.  

The plan below outlines the safety measures that the AES NYC team continues to follow:     


  • Masks and necessary PPE will be at the discretion of clients / vendors / visitors.  On-site staff can provide a mask for any visitor who does not have one and would like one. 
  • AES NYC staff will clean all areas of the venue according to our standard operating procedures prior to each event. All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC and NYC business guidelines. Special attention will be focused on entrances, high-touch surfaces like handles, railings, and bathrooms. 
    • Daily cleaning will occur after regular office hours. Sanitation of the common areas and bathrooms will occur between site visits, deliveries and as frequently as needed.  
    • AES NYC will confirm the venue receives a deep clean and sanitization prior to the start of the event rental. 
  • HVAC units have been updated throughout the venue with the highest quality filters (Merv-13 Filters).  Systems have been sanitized and will continue to be cleaned and maintained based on current health standards.
  • All on-site AES NYC employees are fully vaccinated.
  • AES NYC staff will wear necessary PPE at all times of event rental and client interactions.
  • AES NYC will review updated production guidelines with each client prior to event rental.
  • We will stay updated on government regulations regarding capacity and share any relevant updates to the client. 


Last Updated: April 5, 2022