Celebrating 50 years of hip hop. 45Grand Pop Up event.
Celebrating 50 years of hip hop. 45Grand Pop Up event.

Situated amidst New York City’s vibrant SoHo neighborhood lies 45Grand, a versatile event space that has become a beacon for creative gatherings and memorable events. On September 8th, the New York City venue hosted a remarkable pop-up one day event organized by Bacardi in collaboration with the Video Music Awards (VMA). This special occasion was dedicated to commemorating 50 years of hip-hop culture and brought together enthusiasts and artists in a celebration like no other.

45Grand stands as an epitome of industrial chic in the bustling landscape of SoHo. Offering an expansive 4,600 square feet of open event space, it provides a blank canvas for event planners and designers to craft their visions into reality. The venue boasts raw, industrial aesthetics, including high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and a large garage door that floods the space with natural light. This unique backdrop makes it a preferred choice for events.

Bacardi and the VMAs couldn’t have chosen a more fitting location than 45Grand. Attendees were greeted by the spacious and industrial aesthetic of 45Grand, which set the perfect tone for the event. The main feature was a shoppable activation featuring Stadium Goods as well as vintage purveyor Metropolis. The venue served as the perfect canvas to bring this experience to life.

Another highlight of the event was the secret speakeasy Bacardi set up within the expansive venue. This hidden gem offered attendees specialty cocktails served in an intimate setting. The bar added an element of exclusivity and surprise to the event, enticing guests to explore and discover.

The Bacardi x VMA pop-up at 45Grand was an event to remember for hip-hop aficionados and enthusiasts alike. The event showcased the versatility and allure of 45Grand as a premier event venue in New York City.